Experts warn of easter traffic jams – a7 closed near hamburg

experts warn of easter traffic jams - a7 closed near hamburg

Cars were backed up for kilometers in front of the closed section of the A7 on saturday. Even on the alternative routes, progress was slow. The reason was work on a bridge to create additional lanes. On sunday, the situation returned to normal, according to the police.

Easter travelers must be prepared for heavy traffic and congestion on the highways. Especially on the A8 and A5 in the southwest, vacationers, excursionists and commuters could drive into the traffic jam trap before the holidays: "grundonnerstag-nachmittag wird die holle los sein," predicted a spokesman for the traffic warning service baden-wurttemberg. In lower saxony and bremen, the easter vacations began this weekend. Traffic was allowed to really get going a week later (from 30./31. March), when school is out almost everywhere in germany.

The traffic expert expects "traffic jams from all directions" before the easter holidays on the A8 near stuttgart-leonberg, at stuttgart airport and at the walldorf interchange, where the A5 and A6 meet. Slow progress was also made for motorists on the A96 memmingen-lindau, the route from allgau to lake constance. "There will be a lot of traffic around lake constance – if the weather is right," estimates the stuttgart expert.

The congestion-prone stretches also include the karlsruher triangle, where the A5 and A8 meet, and the albaufstieg near aichelberg (A8), where there could be a lot of traffic in the direction of munich on grund thursday and in the direction of stuttgart on easter monday. At least trucks were hardly allowed to obstruct the traffic: on good friday, easter sunday and easter monday, driving is prohibited for most trucks.

Even this weekend, there was more traffic in lower saxony on the classic A2 and A7 travel routes. Many are heading south to ski during the easter vacations. "We always have this situation at the beginning of the vacations," said a police spokesman. There will be really heavy traffic only in the easter week. Police and ADAC recommend: avoid rush hour traffic and, if possible, do not travel on fridays and saturdays.

The reconstruction of the bridge over highway 7 near hamburg proceeded rapidly on sunday. "With the tree removals, we are even making a little faster progress than expected," said construction manager christian rohde to the dpa news agency on sunday. The new, coarser bridge is necessary because the freeway is being widened to six or eight lanes. Maintenance work was taking place in the elbe tunnel at the same time. Until monday morning at 06.00 o’clock everything should be ready. Up to 130,000 vehicles a day will be paid on the A7 there.

For motorists, the work was nerve-wracking. On saturday afternoon, traffic on the A7 northbound was backed up for three kilometers. Two kilometers of traffic jam in the southbound direction. On the relief route, the autobahn 1, traffic in the direction of the north was at a standstill for eight kilometers due to minor accidents. Some drivers were stuck for hours. The situation returned to normal on sunday.

The ADAC was positively surprised. "Drivers seem to have taken our advice seriously and stayed at home or used other means of transport during the mild spring weekend," said ADAC hansa spokesman matthias schmitting. Many vacationers had also taken advantage of the rough bypass. This was evident from the heavy traffic on the A1 between maschener kreuz and harburg. "We don’t get that much traffic there on a normal saturday," said schmitting.