Dance lime tree: mayor hofmann is appalled

dance lime tree: mayor hofmann is appalled

The limmersdorfer lindenkirchweih is a crowd puller that attracts visitors from all over the region to the thurnau suburb every year at the end of august. This year, the traditional event is already making headlines in the spring, after the municipal council, in its most recent meeting, decided against commissioning an expert opinion required for the renovation of the dance lime tree. BR asked mayor dietmar hofmann (SPD/OL) about it.

Mr. Hofmann, in the district of kulmbach, people are surprised that the market is investing a huge sum in the pottery museum, but does not want to invest 2800 euros for an expert opinion on the renovation of the limmersdorf dance hall.
Dietmar hofmann: you can’t compare one with the other. In the case of the pottery museum, we have succeeded in obtaining a demand of almost 90 percent. So the market’s own contribution is not huge. As far as the renovation of the dance lime tree is concerned, which I personally fully support, only about 33 percent of the estimated costs of 75,000 euros are currently covered. Further demands are still outstanding. The municipal council has always been unanimous in its support for the renovation of this unique monument. In the past, damage was only ever repaired. Now we want to forge an overall concept that includes the renovation of the sandstone columns and the replacement of the beam structure of the dance bridge.

The administration has submitted a proposal to the committee to commission the structural analysis report. You didn’t chair the meeting, learned on vacation that the council voted 8-4 against it. Were you surprised, especially since opposing voices have come even from your faction?
I was not only surprised, I was really angry. And I was appalled how this in itself harmless topic in the public was inflated unnecessarily. I wonder who benefits from this unobjective discussion in retrospect – the cause certainly not. Back to the meeting: the reference by parts of the SPD/open list to the not yet approved budget is incomprehensible to me, as the budget was already covered by the promised grants. The criticism that the kerwa association categorically refused to make even a symbolic financial contribution is more understandable. On the other hand, I cannot understand at all the CSU’s reason for saying no in the municipal council.

The chairman of the kirchweihverein, veit pohlmann, speaks of an act of revenge. The thurnauer CSU explains that the reorganization of the lime tree should be taken up already for a long time and the burgermeister "slept" HAVE. What do you say?
The statement pohlmanns is from my point of view completely abstruse. Even he should not take himself so seriously. The statements by the head of the CSU parliamentary group hans-friedrich hacker must unfortunately be interpreted as pure mood mongering. His accusations against me and my administration, that we had sabotaged something here, are completely unfounded. There is a unanimous decision of the municipal council to carry out the acceptance of the m in 2013, after the demand commitments have been received. Therefore, it is only the nay-sayers who are now preventing a drafty continuation of the mabnahme.

Why is a structural analysis necessary at all??
The prodenkmal expert office that we commissioned has strongly recommended that we do so. The collapse of a grandstand in the bayreuth museum of primeval history has shown how quickly something can happen. The responsibility for the safety is borne by the market of thurnau, without an expert opinion the matter would be much too difficult for me personally.

Kulmbach’s mayor henry schramm raised demand funds after the city council meeting. Are they grateful to him?
I have no objection if he exerts his influence, on the contrary, every euro helps us. However, I must emphasize that we in the town hall have done our homework with regard to possible demands. A year ago, we already asked various agencies for grants. About 25,000 euros have been pledged to us by the german foundation for the preservation of historical monuments, the bavarian state foundation and the savings bank kulmbach-kronach. We are hoping for further help from the upper franconia foundation, the state office for the preservation of historical monuments and the district. The last pledges were not received by the city hall until the beginning of may. We have put the awarding of the structural analysis report on the agenda for the next meeting in order to move the project forward. The offer of veit pohlmann, the kerwa association could provide the market with an interest-free loan, is for me unparalleled in cynicism.

Do you still see a possibility that the kerwatanz can take place on the bruck in 2013?? Is the kirchweih even in danger??
Of course the kirchweih will take place as usual – also with the dance on the lime tree. My hopes of completing the renovation by mid-august were dashed by the vote, but if necessary we will have to carry out another emergency backup, as we did last year.