“Bilka” demolition: rubble fills 1000 trucks

Now it goes to the "bilka to the collar. For a few days now, the monstrous hydraulic tongs of a 50-ton tracked excavator have been eating their way through the concrete colossus. The mountain of rubble that will remain is gigantic. Around 1,000 trucks have to arrive to transport the 25,000 to 30,0000 tons of concrete and about 800 tons of construction steel away from the site. Mayor ingo lehmann (SPD) asks residents to understand that they will have to put up with a little more noise and dirt in the near future. "We have to put up with this so that we can improve the area. But by december everything will be over." The demolition work is even expected to be completed by september. The company erd- und tiefbau gmbh from ebersbach near oelsnitz in the vogtland region is responsible for the reconstruction work. Two workers are currently at work, one controlling the huge excavator, the other spraying water on the concrete parts in order to minimize dust and pollution for residents.

Dangerous fixtures

In the first step, the company ISIK from melle (lower saxony) has freed the building shell of all installations. This also includes asbestos-containing building materials such as facade or ceiling cladding, toxic sealants in the floor and ceiling areas, and fumes whose finest components are harmful to the lungs.

Klaus-hermann hofmann from the engineering firm geoconsult nordbayern hopes to be able to recycle the bulk of the concrete rubble and not have to dispose of it in a landfill site. "We have to sample the rubble. Then we will see if it can be reused", says the former WGK city councillor.

The costs for the reconstruction of the shopping center area amount to about 7.3 million euros. 6.6 million of this will be financed by the state of bavaria as part of the northern bavaria claim offensive, 720,000 euros will have to be borne by the city of kulmbach. The shopping center, which was only built in 1979 and had been empty since 2010, was purchased by the city of kulmbach in 2016 from the dutch operating company promotoria rebound 10 BV.

The building next door at fritz-hornschuch-strabe 4, which housed a lottery shop until the beginning of the year, will also be demolished.

A new use for the 9500-square-meter site has not yet been decided.