Backnang fire disaster: technical defect probable

backnang fire disaster: technical defect probable

Nevertheless, according to the police, investigations are continuing in all directions. According to a spokesman, the focus is on the electrical system in the dilapidated building. German chancellor angela merkel (CDU) reacted with dismay to the devastating fire.

A 40-year-old mother, six of her sons and a daughter died in the fire on sunday morning. The dead children were between 6 months and 17 years old. Three family members rescued.

Turkish president abdullah gul called for a full investigation into the fire disaster. "Unfortunately, in the past there were fires, arsons, murders of our burgers. That is why we are examining all the possibilities," said gul on monday, according to turkish media. "To say anything now would not be right," gul said at a time when the investigators’ statement on the suspected technical defect was not yet known. Turkey will get to the bottom of the matter.

Deputy government spokesman georg streiter said in berlin that the chancellor was deeply shocked by the terrible disaster. With regard to skeptical comments from turkey about the german investigation, he said: "the chancellor has no doubt that the responsible authorities will not rest until the cause of the fire has been clarified."

Baden-wurttemberg’s integration minister bilkay oney (SPD) expressed her "deepest sympathy" to the bereaved families in backnang on monday. The family’s difficult living conditions had nothing to do with their turkish origin, but with the problems of socially disadvantaged families on the housing market, said oney.

The family comes from afyon in central turkey. Bodies to be brought to turkey this wednesday, according to turkish ambassador huseyin avni karslioglu. He expressed his full confidence in the german security authorities: "it is a technical, forensic procedure, there is no reason why we should not trust them."Nor should turkish specialists be deployed for the time being. The opposition in ankara sent two delegates to backnang, which is about 30 kilometers from stuttgart.

Relatives of the victims made serious accusations against the landlord of the apartment and the german authorities. The electrical wiring in the apartment was totally dilapidated, said the grandmother of the seven children killed, hatice ozcan (62). But the landlord did not care about it. Only source of heating in the apartment was a wood stove. And according to reports, there was no hot water there.

Because of the poor living conditions, the 40-year-old mother has contacted german authorities several times, other family members said. The youth welfare office has also been to the apartment several times. A police spokesman said that the landlord will also be questioned. He is currently abroad.

The three survivors – mother, brother and the eleven-year-old son of the deceased 40-year-old – were still receiving psychological treatment in a clinic, it was said. A father who lives separately from the family is also being cared for. According to information from the surrounding area, the children are supposed to come from two different fathers. The bodies of the mother and the children were autopsied. It was assumed that they were surprised by the fire in their sleep and suffocated.

The main islamic umbrella organization in germany, ditib, demanded that the german security authorities not ignore any option too quickly. Ditib representative erdinc altuntas said he had "full confidence" in the german investigators. No authority can allow itself the kind of investigative mishaps that occurred after the murders of small businessmen of turkish and greek origin by the right-wing extremist group "national socialist underground" (NSU), which remained unsolved for a long time.

"There must be no room for speculation and conspiracy theories," the chairman of the islamic religious community, ali demir, also told the dpa news agency.