“Archive of the future”: prefer natural pastures to abstract metal skeletons?

To the article "that there at the market place" from 6. November we received the following reader's opinion: THE DA at the market place …Yes, one can really argue about it. Is this art or can it go away? A glass house with metallic willows as a view or sun protection? Directly in front of the city hall? In the middle of a mature old town, for which at some point a "design and preservation statute for the historic core of lichtenfels" was even envisioned has thought up, in order not to disfigure these? The city of lichtenfels was thrilled by anyone who wanted to fill the ever-increasing vacancies in the city and in the countryside with new life.

Visions can not hurt and it is completely irrelevant whether they are from professionals (professors), day-dreamers (visionaries) or the "simple" burger created, formulated and ideally (allowed to be) realized. Whether an "archive of the future" can become the hoped-for magnet for attraction because of its architecture or the topics to be dealt with is still in the stars. On the part of the city everything possible and even impossible was done to be able to realize this project. The bylaws, which actually form the old core of the "pearl on the upper main", are still in force was to protect the girls, was adapted to the submitted building application completely unbureaucratically and on very short notice. This may make many a builder bright-eyed, breathe a sigh of relief and hope! One can always argue about the sense and nonsense of regulations, statutes and laws.

A short time ago, the city council was still discussing a "green house number" highly controversial discussion. What else can, may or would one like to expect from prospective builders or owners?? More green, more domestic products, more sustainability, more compensation areas, or should the common sense of the individual ultimately be allowed to decide what is important to him or her personally?? How much "green is actually in the "archive of the future? Would this object and the wicker city be better served by native willows than abstract metal skeletons from austria??

Is the french architectural style that predominates in the old town reflected – in the truest sense of the word – only in the glass fronts of the archive of the future?? If the city were to be just as application-friendly and unbureaucratic in current and future building projects, because building regulations, monument protection, green considerations and common sense could perhaps even be reconciled more easily than feared, this could be seen as a far greater "prestige and sympathy gain for the future" worries as the archive of the future for the city of lichtenfels was ever allowed to create. And so, even before the official opening, this project had already achieved far more than many a worrywart had expected. Let's be surprised!

Herbert pulse Lichtenfels